Rent an house in Ginostra - Stromboli island - Sicily

An house in Ginostra
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Il mare di Ginostra da un finestraHour houses for sale

Once here, you may wish to consider buying a house on Ginostra.
It happens often; once you have been to Ginostra you cannot help but dream of living “down there, where all is calm, beautiful and harmonious”, to quote a poet. To have your own little place, far away from everyone and everything, to stay alone or with your most intimate friends, for short trips or for long holidays, in summer as well as in winter. Live the island as a state of mind. To disassociate yourselves from the world, to ensure that everything that is left behind on the mainland loses its importance and melts away. To preoccupy with small but essential things, but which assume importance, with no hurry.

You too can have a house in Ginostra, for ever! Please do not hesitate to speak to us about it; we have many houses that might suit you perfectly. We await your phone call, and for you to come to visit us!

Interested in buying an house? Contact please :

Ginostra di Lipari - Isola di Stromboli (ME)
Tel.+39. 090 9812938 - cell. 339-52.65.353

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