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An house in Ginostra
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Ginostra, the pearl

Ginostra dall'alto

Ginostra is the village on the south-western part of Stromboli, in the Aeolian Islands. It can fatally capture you or repel you, depending on your disposition and the island’s personality and history. This pearl of the Mediterranean is a sundial of our inner self; upon departing from here, usually with great remorse, one returns home with something different inside.

The hamlet was inhabited until the beginning of the 20th century by around a thousand people. Now there are only about forty left. The town is built up of houses in the characteristic Aeolian style, large but spread out, and laid out in the form of an amphitheatre in a natural concave geographical formation that looks out to the sunset.
Each house, even if decorated sparsely and simply, benefits from a terrace, long verandas with seating and surrounded with gardens of olive, pomegranate and lemon trees, bougainvilleas, rosemary, capers and prickly pears.
Silence and tranquility reign supreme, since there are no motorized forms of transportation. Just a few years ago electricity was brought to the hamlet, but many for nostalgic reasons still use only petroleum lamps.

For some years now you are no longer brought to shore romantically by rowing boat, into the “Petruso”, the world’s smallest port where only two or three small boats could fit at any time, but the ferry or hydrofoils can now dock directly onto the adjacent jetty.

Il più piccolo porto del mondo, quello di GinostraFrom the summer of 2006 there will be now two restaurants and two grocery stores, belonging to Gianluca and Giovanni.
Your groceries can be brought home by foot, or you can use Nicoletta, Pretty or Santina, three donkeys who are a bit stubborn but who will avoid you the effort and they don’t make the noise and pollution of a motor car.

The atmosphere created between the tourists is quite special and unique. In particular in the evenings at the Puntazzo bar/restaurant, you can meet all sorts of fascinating people from all over the world with whom to recount stories and adventures, to make your stay even more interesting.


FOR PARENTS : Ginostra is suitable for small children as there are no dangers. There is a small natural pool, without sand, and with continual change of water from the sea, where children can play under the supervision of adults. For adolescents there are no dangers as in towns and cities, and the young people who frequent Ginostra are always open to welcoming new faces.

In the sea around Ginostra one can easily spot groupers, bream, the lightning-fast jacks, octopus, and moray eels, and a multicoloured proliferation of sea life.

For those who enjoy more beaches and sunbathing there is the coastline in front of the village or fascinating volcanic black beaches, reachable by boat or in canoe, or for the more adventurous on foot (please ask for advice first before doing so however).

L'eruzione visibile di notte sullo StromboliIn the centre of the island is the summit of Stromboli, the active volcano, once referred to as the Lighthouse of the Mediterranean by the seafarers of Homer’s Odyssey. From Ginostra you can go on walking excursions to just above of the craters, in around three hours along the pathways accompanied by an expert (further information on Magmatrek site or by e-mail or phone +39 090 9865768).

For those who are out of shape or just less active, there are easier evening walks to the Timpone or to Punta Corvo where the incessant Strombolean volcanic activity can be seen.

For those with a passion for fishing, it is possible by prior arrangement with the locals to go out during nights with no moon to catch squid and cuttlefish in front of the “Sciara du Fogu” where one can also see the spectacular pyrotechnics of the volcano every 15/20 minutes. Otherwise, you can also enjoy gazing at the stars above, which are incredibly bright due to the absence of artificial lights (bring binoculars of 10x50).

Ginostra, despite its calm rhythms which is reminiscent of other times, benefits from the following services – emergency doctor, post office, public telephones, fax, two restaurants, two grocery stores and a well stocked bazaar.

N.B. There are no automatic cash dispensers or credit cards; who needs to can send money to the post office (tel. Via Portella 1).

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